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Caroline Imbert
Asst. Professor of Linguistics
Doctor of Linguistics

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    Caroline's Profile

      I am currently an Assistant Professor of Linguistics at the University of Grenoble and a member of the "Dynamique du Langage" Laboratory (University of Lyon). I teach typology and morphosyntax; morphophonology; language diversity.

      Overall, my research interests are morpheme order and morphological complexity; Path in language typology; grammaticalization processes; competing motivations. I am interested in collaborations at the interface of typology and neurolinguistics in the domain of morphological complexity.

    Research and scientific activities


      2014-2018 Member of Programme 7 of TUL (CNRS Federation of Typology and Linguistic Universals) : "Les questionnaires : recensement, analyse, valorisation et réflexion épistémologique". Project coordinated by Aimée Lahaussois (HTL / Paris 7). Read more

      2013-2014 Lidilem Research Unit Correspondent for the Pole Grenoble Cognition.

      2010-2012  Coordinator and member of the Typology & Description Workshop at the Linguistics Department of the University of Grenoble, with Isabelle Rousset (Lidilem lab, U. of Grenoble).

      For earlier activities, see full curriculum.

    Publications and conferences


    • IMBERT, C. to appear. "Morpheme Order Constraints Upside Down: Verticality and Other Directions". Berkeley Linguistic Society, Vol. 39.

    • IMBERT, C. & VALLEE, N. 2012b. "Pour une description typologique des langues". Introductory chapter for C. Imbert & N. Vallée (eds.) Typologie et description linguistiques : Interfaces et interactions. Lidil 46. Grenoble : ELLUG. 5-21.
      PDF - Link to Journal (Free)

    • IMBERT, C. & VALLEE, N. (eds.) 2012a. Typologie et description linguistiques : Interfaces et interactions. Lidil 46. Grenoble : ELLUG.
      PDF - Link to Journal (Free)

    • IMBERT, C. 2012. "Path: Ways typology has walked through it". In Language and Linguistics Compass 6/4 (2012). Wiley-Blackwell. 236-258.
      PDF - Link to Journal

    • IMBERT, C., GRINEVALD, C. & SORES, A. 2011. "Pour une catégorie de 'Satellite' de Trajectoire dans une approche fonctionnelle-typologique". In Faits de Langue - Les Cahiers 3. Paris: Ophrys. 99-116.

    • IMBERT, C. 2010. "Multiple preverbation in Homeric Greek: A typological insight". In "Unison in multiplicity : Cognitive and typological perspectives on grammar and lexis". CogniTextes vol. 4:2010.
      PDF (preprint) - Link to Journal (Free)

    • IMBERT, C. 2008. "Path coding in Old English: functional story of a typological shift". In Amano, M., Ogura, M. & Ohkado, M. (eds), Historical Englishes in Varieties of Texts and Contexts, Studies in English medieval language and literature 22, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. 17-32
      PDF (preprint)


    • IMBERT, C. 2013. "Morpheme order constraints upside down: Vertical Orientation vs. Directionality". 39th Conference of the Berkeley Linguistics Society. Berkeley, 16-17 February 2013.

    • IMBERT, C. 2012. "Trajectoire(s) : typologie et cognition". Langage & Cognition, Journée Scientifique du Pôle Grenoble Cognition. 3 April 2012.

    • GRINEVALD, C. & IMBERT, C. 2011. "Elements for a multi-layer definition of 'Satellites'". Pre-AFLiCo IV Trajectory Workshop. Lyon, 23 May 2011.

    • IMBERT, C. 2010c, "Competing motivations in Path-coding systems: A case study from an ancient language". Conference on Competing Motivations, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig, 23-25 November 2010.

    • IMBERT, C. 2010b, "Parler d'espace : Diversité des langues et Typologie". Séminaire GIPSA-Lab, Axe Parole et Cognition. Grenoble, 30 September 2010.

    • IMBERT, C. 2010a, "About satellites, applicatives and adpositions in Path coding: a gradience-of-categories perspective". Syntax of the World's Languages IV (SWL4), Lyon, 23-26 September 2010.

    • IMBERT, C. 2009c, "What adpositions do that satellites cannot. Semantic and conceptual constraints on Path-coding categories". Space in Language Conference, Pisa, 8-10 October 2009.

    • IMBERT, C. accepted, [CANCELLED] "The emergence of relational particles in English". The Society of Historical English Language and Linguistics International Conference (SHELL 2009), Hiroshima, 28-30 August 2009.

    • IMBERT, C. 2009b, "Affix-order constraints in Path coding: About satellites, adpositions and the gradience of categories". Association for Linguistic Typology - 8th Biennial Meeting (ALT8), Berkeley (CA), 23-26 July 2009.

    • IMBERT, C. 2009a, "Multiple preverbation in Homeric Greek: What Chibchan Rama has to say". Invited Talk in the Excellence Cluster TOPOI, Research Area C-I-1, Humboldt-University, Berlin, 23 June 2009.
      TOPOI Flyer

    • IMBERT, C. 2008c, "Systems dynamics and functional motivations in Path coding. Typological description of Homeric Greek and Old English". Presentation and discussion of my PhD research results. Linguistics Colloquium, University of Oregon, Eugene, 7 October 2008.

    • IMBERT, C. 2008b, "Multiple preverbation in Homeric Greek: Affix-order constraints in Path coding". Berkeley Workshop on Affix Ordering, Berkeley (CA), 4 October 2008.

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    • IMBERT, C. 2007d, "Le puzzle catégoriel des adpositions en grec homérique : La solution typologique", Conférence internationale CRISCO "Autour de la Préposition (position, valeurs, statut et catégories apparentées à travers les langues)", University of Caen, 20-22 September 2007.

    • IMBERT, C. 2007c, "The puzzle of Path coding in Old English: functional story of a typological shift", The Society of Historical English Language and Linguistics International Conference (SHELL 2007), Nagoya University, Japan, 7-9 September 2007.

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    • IMBERT, C., 2007a, "The puzzle of Path coding and pattern shift in Old English: a functional story", Linguistics Department Colloquium, University of Oregon, Eugene, 13 April 2007.

    • IMBERT, C. 2006, "Ancient languages in a functional-typological perspective: The coding strategy(-ies) of Path in Homeric Greek", Linguistics Department Colloquium, University of Oregon, Eugene, 25 May 2006.

    • IMBERT, C. 2005, "The Grammaticalization of relator nouns in Turkish. Turkish 'postpositions' revisited", New Reflections on Grammaticalization 3 (NRG3), Santiago de Compostela, 17-21 July 2005.

    • IMBERT, C. & VERNHES, J.-V. 2003. "Le préfixe méconnu u- et son correspondant anglais out". In O Lukhnos 2003:2 . 21-25. University of Provence.

    Teaching Experience

      2009-   Assistant Professor, University of Grenoble.
      Undergrad. Classes: Syntactic Units: Verbs and Predicates, Writing Systems: Diversity, Variation and Norms, Morphophonology, Morphosyntax and Typology.
      Grad. Classes: Methodology in Humanities, Linguistic Descriptions.

      2007-2008   Full-time Instructor, University of Provence.
      Classes: Introduction to General Linguistics, Morphosyntax and Typology.

      2005-2007   Teaching Assistant (GTF), University of Lyon.
      Classes: Linguistic Sciences in English [taught in English], Phonetics and Phonology, Introduction to General Linguistics.

      2004-2005   Instructor, University of Lyon.
      Classes: Morphology, Phonetics and Phonology, Introduction to General Linguistics.


      Academic Background

      2004-2008   PhD in General Linguistics, with high distinction. [written in French] Systems dynamics and functional motivations in Path coding. A typological description of Homeric Greek and Old English. Advisor: Colette Grinevald. DDL - CNRS / University of Lyon 2.
      Summary in English and French: PDF;
      Full dissertation (in French): PDF.

      2003-2004   M.A. in General Linguistics, with honors. [written in French] The expression of space in Turkish: a functional-typological approach. Advisor: Colette Grinevald. DDL - CNRS / University of Lyon 2.

      2001-2003  M.A. in English Linguistics, with honors. Classes, research and two dissertations on the diachrony of spatial adpositions in English, in a typological perspective. University of Provence and University of Paris 4.

      1998-2001  B.A. in English Linguistics, Literature and Civilization. University of Provence.


      Teaching Assistantship (=GTF) from the University of Lyon 2, Linguistics Department.

      Doctoral Fellowship from the French Ministry of National Education and Research.


      Linguistic skills: Native in French. Very fluent in English.

      Computer skills: Very good mastery of the Windows and Mac OS X environments and of common softwares. HTML and JavaScript programing. Website creation and edition, FTP protocols, internet networking. Components replacement, fault finding and repair.

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